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Hello, welcome to my cyberspace. Make yourselves at home and remember while you're reading my posts... Yes, my life is fucking surreal. I can't even believe it myself sometimes.
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Hey, it's time to write down the things that I am watching or crying about, even years after their end.
On second thought, I shouldn't because I will either forget some or the list will be too big. I like a lot of things. Videogames are my favourite kind of things though. I reblog loads about videogames, especially Mass Effect.
So, that's me. Follow at your own risk.

I am the writer of Everything is Possible and Broken Toy Soldiers. The former is my own original series and the latter is a story taking place in the Mass Effect Universe, five years after the end of ME3.
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just wanted to draw some human karkat and terezi 

i want her shirt doe!

The single most amazing Terezi ever.

I did imagine her as a lady with a dark complexion. This one was nicely done. She’s so colourful and pretty.

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9 favourite pictures - karkat vantas!

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omg yes why am i tagged in this good it all makes sense

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By far the nerdiest request I got.

“Please recreate the poster for Star Wars IV Special Edition with John as Luke, Terezi as Obi-Wan, Karkat as Leia, and Vriska as Han. Keep the trolls as their regular gender, but change everyone’s costumes. Replace Star Wars title with the title Home Stuck (same font).”

I tried to match their expressions as closely as possible, especially with respect to the full, luscious, oddly shaped lips.

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I saw this request and I couldn’t resist I’M SORRY

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totally reblogging jess’s edits -u- <333


This is perfect.

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Look! I cleaned him up! <3

….why do I do this to myself at 2am. :T

anyway, for the AU that Jean and I are going to write sometime soon!

(I like to think my solid linearting is getting better??)

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